Question: Do you need to wash your eyeSlices ®?

The quick answer is NO, however if you want to know why, and how we maintain the highest hygiene standard, here is the interesting stuff…..


The product has undergone a challenge test: bacteria is injected into the pads for 30 days and tested to see if they kill the bacteria and if the bacteria grows. We passed the Challenge Test, and this means that for 30 days once opened, the slices are safe to re-use


We use a technology called Radical Waters at 10% of the water solution. It is natural, non toxic and proven to keep killing bacteria. This technology and the natural preservative we use both work together to fight bacteria, fungus and moulds

But don’t forget…..your eyeSlices®

  • should be used on a clean skin and not get dirty
  • should never be shared
  • never be used if you have an eye infection is present

And fear not….

If the slices are dropped and somehow do get dirty, they can definitely be rinsed off. This will not alter their effectiveness.