Re-usable CryoSlices Skincare Mask and EyeSlices® Combo Pack

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CryoSlices® skincare mask and EyeSlices® eye treatment pads Combo Pack (for Face and eyes)

Multiple use: use up to 10 times each


  • 1-piece multi-use CryoSlice Skincare Mask
  • 1x pair of EyeSlices® eye treatment pads
  • Each product is re-usable 10 times each
  • Re-sealable Zip Lock Bag
  • Convenient Storage Clam

Results: After just one use, you will see and feel the difference to your skin hydration, firming and toning. Combating the visible signs of ageing, your skin will look brighter and feel smoother.

A hydrated skin absorbs active ingredients from moisturisers and serums better than a dehydrated skin. So not only are you prepping your skin for moisturising, but by using the mask you are also getting a better (and quicker) result from the great active ingredients that are released into your skin.

The EyeSlices eye treatment pads will combat the causes of tired and dry eyes, redness, puffiness and wrinkles; and increase skin hydration and firmness around the eyes too.


  • Cleanse skin of all make-up, moisturisers or sunscreen.
  • Apply the 1-piece face mask and EyeSlices pads for 5 minutes.
  • Remove and store in the original packaging (tray with lidding or the zip-lock sachet or storage clam) for re-use up to ten times.
  • Moisturise afterwards if desired.

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Product results vary from individual to individual.

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$44.00 $24.00

95 in stock

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