eyeSlices 10 Day Starter pack for beautiful eyes

Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt (founder of eyeSlices) – “I am proud that eyeSlices is a story and not a gimmick!”

There are so many types of eye patches, eye creams, eye gels and devices on the market! They all promise anti-aging, reduction in eye puffiness, relief from dark circles under the eyes, reduction in redness and rejuvenation of tired eyes! We have all tried many of them, and it has cost a lot of time, money and frustration, and still you feel nowhere closer to finding a sustainable solution for your eye beauty symptoms!


It took Kerryne and her team almost 10 years to develop and perfect the eyeSlices product. Her motivation came from her own experience.

“You see my symptoms back then were just puffiness…but chronic puffiness….the kind where my eyes swelled up like golf balls after a good cry/ allergy season/ late nights and I looked awful for days! I even tried ice, tea bags, cucumber slices and frozen peas…all of which did not work.”

The product was born out of a unique technology at the Council for Scientific Industrial Research Polymers Department in South Africa. They had engineered an exciting polymer technology dermal delivery system (a method of delivering ingredients into the skin) for the application originally for burns and wounds. The technology was unique and had applications in the cosmetics and veterinary industries as well.

On the 10 year journey of development, she faced enormous trials and obstacles trying to take the technology from concept to commercialisation.

Today we have a globally unique manufacturing facility for this technology and products that are tried and tested!

We believe the eyeSlices solution is truly the anti-aging at home treatment women have been searching for. It really works on those wrinkles around the eyes, smoothing them out and making you feel like you have been at the beauty salon, and had an intense hydrating eye treatment or eye serum! It is cost effect and multi-use. They also come in a Face Mask / Face Treatment format (cryoSlices) that gives your face the deep hydrating benefits as well!