Best Eye Treatment

Who uses EyeSlices and why:

  1. You and me in our homes, to experience the ultimate anti-aging eye treatment daily, plumping up the eyes for a youthful appearance
  2. Guests during a traditional salon facial, eye rejuvenating during application of masks or whilst having a massage
  3. Those that undergo Cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup, to allow for quick recovery through the cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of the treatment
  4. Clients that have had in salon Ant-Aging treatmentspost treatment application is soothing and enhances absorption of active serums, taking away redness and swelling around the eyes
  5. International travellers at the end of a trip to recover from the wariness and reduce puffiness and redness
  6. Those suffering from allergies sue to airbourne irritants from pets, dust or pollen.