Skincare Mask & eyeSlices® Combo

Skincare Mask & eyeSlices® Combo

Multiple use: 5 minutes per use up to 10 uses

1-Piece Forehead/Neck + 1 Pair eyeSlices: Use the 1-piece as desired on neck or forehead or decolletage, mouth etc. and eyeSlices over your eyes. Rotate 1-piece to various areas of the face and/or neck area as needed.

Results: Even with 1 use you will feel & see the difference to skin hydration and firming, toning, signs of ageing, skin brightening and smoothing. A HYDRATED skin absorbs active ingredients from moisturisers and serums better than a dehydrated skin. So not only are you prepping your skin pre-moisturiser, by using the mask, but you are also getting a fast result from the great active ingredients that are released into your skin from the mask. eyeSlices brighten the eyes, reduce puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness and wrinkles.

Use: Cleanse skin of all make-up, moisturisers or sunscreen. Apply 1-piece and eyeSlices for 5 minutes. Remove and store back in both layers of packaging (tray with lidding + zip-lock sachet/clam) for re-use up to ten times. Moisturise afterwards if desired.

Product results vary from individual to individual.