“Life’s a celebration!”

You love to give of yourself and you love celebrating your own and others’ achievements. Gift-giving is just one of the ways you enjoy showing your love and appreciation. Whether it is celebrating a big event like a wedding, birthday or baby shower, or just showing you care when someone is grieving.  eyeSlices® love being a part of every special moment!

5-min of daily pampering with eyeSlices®, makes each day a celebration!

10-Day Luxury Pack for One

  • 1 x Re-sealable zip-lock sachet

  • 1 x pair of eyeSlices® – use each pair 10 x for 5 min per use

  • Light, small and great to throw into a handbag, overnight cosmetic bag or store in your side drawer for daily use either first thing upon waking or last thing at night before bed.


97 in stock

Celebration Pack for Two

  • 2 pair Wallet Value Pack

  • Add a coloured clam each!

    A pair for you and a pair for someone close.
    Share the moment. Celebrate together


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Sassy Strorage Clam

  • 1 x Re-sealable clam available in silver, white or green

  • Store your eyeSlices for re-use in our designer clam for an extra bit of class. The sachet works just as well from a practical perspective.

  • Important: store your gels in their original clear case with lidding and then in the clam to prevent from drying out!





I love juggling my career, family, adventure, travel, sport, and hobbies.


I love routine, I am organised, I work hard and get results.


I love pampering myself. Self-care is essential to manage my stress.