eyeSlices®10 Day Sachet Pack

Relax, restore and revive tired, red, puffy, ageing eyes and dark circles with just 5 minutes a day!

Contains: 1 x Pair Multi Use eyeSlices® (10 uses)
1 x Zip-lock storage bag (instead of plastic clam)

Back due to popular demand! These packs seal the slices in beautifully for re-use and great as a stand alone purchase or as a refill to the starter packs. They snugly fit into travel packs, stocking fillers and through letter boxes. Add a storage clam for extra glam if you wish, but these sachets work just as well for storage. Store next to your bed and use daily either morning or evenings for 5 minutes! You should see and feel a difference within a few days of use!

Product results vary from individual to individual.


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