eyeSlices®20 Day Value Pack

Take daily me-time to relax, restore & revive while eyeSlices® treats tired, red, puffy, ageing eyes and dark circles.

Special: 2 x FREE storage Clams & Discount

Full Ovals Reusable: Two pairs of eyeSlices® for sharing or for 20 day use for 1 person.5 minutes per use up to 20 uses. Packaged with a zip-lock sachet for storing your eyeSlices® for re-use. Treats the entire eye area including eye lids and stimulating entire eye area circulation for improving tiredness & reducing red eyes.

Results: within a week expect to see and feel the difference to the following lifestyle symptoms tired eyes, dry eyes, redness, puffiness, skin hydration and firming, fine lines, dark circles.

Product results vary from individual to individual.


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